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quetzacotl's Journal

5 October
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i hate these little things, and so they 'ought to be shot'. thats my saying. along with 'i'll burn your house down'. Into all sorts of rock music, from punk like stuff, to all gothic metal. if my mate gets his act together we are gonna see Marilyn Manson live.

I have seen almost 0 films, and so i am never to be consulted about them. i play computer games, and if its Nintendo, then im your man.

I have 3 political qualities which make me a great Fascist. i am a Loyalist, a Nationalist, and a Capitalist. capitalism rules, but probably because im not poor.

I also can add for England, especially as England beats America. I mean, i could beat america at war on my own, all i need is lots of cardboard cut-outs. but i cant disclose any more details, just incase anybody finds out my plan.

I like changing the colour of my hair. it gives people stuff to talk about, which then generaly involves me, because i dont talk to people, they talk to me, and then i talk back.

This was quite well done by my standards, so ill quit while im ahead, happy reading all!!!